About Us

About Us

Play It Forward DAO (“PIF DAO”) started out as a small Axie Infinity guild when a group of high school friends that shared a love for the gaming set out to build a community that can turn gaming career dreams into reality. With the advent of blockchain gaming technology, players could finally reap significant economic benefits for doing what they enjoy - playing games.

As PIF DAO’s community and portfolio grew exponentially, we were able to bring positive financial outcomes to gamers in all corners of the Philippines. With expansion plans in full swing for more countries (Indonesia, Vietnam), we are poised to continue scaling our presence in Southeast Asia and bring more to many.

In early 2022, PIF DAO successfully raised US$6 Million to support our mission and bring more players into the Metaverse and develop a unique and unparalleled Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem. What started out as a guild limited to Axie Infinity players quickly scaled to a diversified operation across 20+ games where underprivileged gamers can explore the Metaverse in ways that are both fun and financially rewarding.

As the artist, Heidi Wills once said, “we can choose to be affected by the world or we can choose to affect the world”, Play It Forward DAO chose the latter. By democratizing crypto gaming and making the Metaverse accessible to all, PIF DAO continuously provides endless opportunities to thousands of players, one gamer at a time.


Play It Forward DAO’s mission is not only to provide scholarships but to help interested crypto gamers reach their full potential and become gaming professionals. We aim to achieve this by nurturing player communities and offering players valuable opportunities to build on their Play-to-Earn experience to establish a long and fruitful gaming career.


Play It Forward DAO believes that the future of P2E gaming is a Multi-Game and Multi-Guild ecosystem - all united by a common vision to Make Play More Rewarding. We look forward to becoming the de facto gateway for guilds to build and scale their communities while fostering blossoming GameFi talents. By fostering large-scale onboarding of player communities, PIF DAO can more readily grow the pie rather than fight for the bigger slice.