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Play It Forward DAO is on a mission to revolutionize crypto gaming by making the metaverse accessible. Making play more rewarding, one player at a time.


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Establishing a Global Crypto Gaming Guild and Growing Play-to-earn scholarship

Railings University (RU) is a large scale play-to-earn blockchain gaming guild community with 3,000 scholars deployed in Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, BCM hunt, and Ethlas across the Philippines and Indonesia. RU aims to bring more to many, unlocking earning potential for gamers in the Metaverse while learning & earning rewards.

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Dive into the Metaverse with Railings

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About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focused on broadening access to blockchain gaming and the Metaverse. We aspire to be the ecosystem built on fun and opportunity, upon which gamers of the future will build their gaming careers.


Play It Forward DAO is powered by the $PIF token - a unique ERC-20 token whose value is underpinned by the continuous growth of the ecosystem of communities and players which we are nurturing


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Play It Forward DAO envisions that the future of P2E gaming is more encouraging with the support of Multi-Game and Multi-Guild Ecosystem. With a wide range of partnerships, we can easily grow the pie rather than fight for a bigger slice in this ever-expanding market!


The Gaming Ecosystem and How it works

$PIF token serves as the bridge that connects the entire ecosystem between the Play It Forward DAO, Railings University Gaming Guild, P2E Board SaaS Platform, and Blockchain Investors to create a harmonious metaverse that will benefit everyone. The Play It Forward DAO ecosystem is positioned to allow broad access to Play-to-Earn gaming. By doing so, we are can encourage more people to participate in and support the gaming community. In addition, they can create a larger pool of potential players for games. The future of gaming is here. With our gaming ecosystem, you can track your performance in all sorts of games and build up an excellent profile that will give opportunities to come knocking at the door!

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Most Popular P2E Games

Our game researchers spend hours to understand the gameplay and strategies on what makes a blockchain game popular.

Browse from our selection of popular play-to-earn games in our portfolio

Axie infinity

Axie infinity

Real-Time Strategy



Simulation & Sport

BCM Hunt

BCM Hunt

Role Playing Game

Happy Land

Happy Land

Role Playing Game

New And Upcoming P2E Games

Our game researchers work closely with the investment team to understand which blockchain games to invest in.

Discover our latest game partners with the potential to be the next biggest p2e game.



Real-Time Strategy



Simulation & Sport

Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena

Role Playing Game

Tank Wars

Tank Wars



Kyber Ventures
UOB Venture Management
Jump Crypto
LD Capital
Double Peak
Faculty Group
Aura Group
Alpha Lab
Moon Capital
Magnet Ventures
CQ Capital
Excalibur Capital

Strategic Partnership

Play It Forward DAO has been sharing resources in building a greater metaverse for everybody. Our strategic partnership with Kumu, the biggest social entertainment app in the Philippines, made our way to connect with a lot of Filipinos through unique innovations in live streaming and social media across the world.

Another partner of ours is PDAX, a company that provides Filipinos with everything they need to join in the crypto and blockchain revolutions. With PDAX, users can trade cryptocurrencies securely from their home country while being part of an open market-based system run by professionals instead of individuals. PDAX takes the security of its users seriously. It has implemented some very high-level industry protocols that enable you to trade with complete confidence and prevent you from getting scammed by black hat traders out there.

We are also in partnership with OP Games, a company with a vision to transform game development and publishing. The last one is IQ Protocol, a company that strives to use a sustainable system of tokenomics for services where consumption can be measured over time.



Here are the most common question and answers in the crypto gaming industry. Feel free to learn the basics of play to earn gaming here.


What is Crypto Gaming Guild and how does it work?

Crypto gaming guild is the future of online games as it has multiple partnerships with new and popular play-to-earn games. The gamers guild will let you play and earn while not having to invest any money in-game, all thanksgiving an opportunity for P2E gamers with no initial outlay. 

Crypto guilds are a great way to get started earning while playing games. You can make some initial assets while you learn the ropes and then trade them for other currencies that will help with gameplay like decorations or mounts!

How to start playing crypto-based games

To start playing games in your favorite crypto-based gaming platform, you need the initial assets that are provided by a crypto guild as they can let you rent crypto assets without having to invest something from your pocket, plus some opportunity to own you. These things can be called "bounties" or simply coins for gamers to use and trade with other users on their respective websites/applications

A new way has emerged which allows people who don't know how cryptocurrency works yet to get involved! You will have access not only to earn some extra money but also to learn about this exciting technology at the same time through freelancing opportunities offered within these platforms.

Witness some inspiring gaming scholar stories in our guild

Railings University managed by Play It Forward DAO is a large guild with more than 3000 scholars in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Witness how the guild has helped the lives of many Filipino gaming scholars in this article

Is it safe to join a gaming guild like this?

There are many perks to joining a guild. For one, it provides a way for gamers to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. It provides a safe and secure environment for gamers and developers to interact with one another. These guilds often offer exclusive content, bonuses, and events to their members.

Crypto guilds vs Traditional guilds

Gaming guilds like Play It Fwd DAO are different from traditional guilds. Gamers who are not familiar with the game will have a hard time being accepted into traditional gamers' guilds. These types of groups only welcome members that already know how to play, so it can be difficult for someone new to enter this type of community especially those managed exclusively online tend not simply limit themselves by one specific title but rather represent every kind of romantic relationship included! If you're looking for an engaging experience where your input counts then don't hesitate to join our team today!

Benefits of joining a crypto gamers guild

Some of the great benefits of joining a guild gaming are: 

  1. You can start your gaming journey at no cost. 

  2. The guild will allow you to be an investor and get a share of the guild’s revenue.

  3. You will have an opportunity to meet and connect with fellow gamers of similar and different gaming interests. 

  4. You will have a chance to grow your career and you will be guided along the way.

Join us now! With an active and thriving community on Discord, you will be able to find people of all experience levels playing blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Splinterlands,

Thetan Arena, and many more. Moderators are there for any questions, they’ve been doing this since before it was even cryptocurrency-related so don't worry about being newbies in these types of communities either because we got your back.

Here’s an article for you that talks about the Ultimate Guide to Crypto Gaming Guilds.


What is GameFi?

GameFi is an innovative way for gamers to get rewards in their gaming. It's also a confluence of gamification, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens(NFTs), and play-to-earn models.

It is a project that was created by gamers for other avid players. The games themselves act as the carriers and decentralized finance, or decision-making system in this case which underlies all aspects of gameplay with in-game assets being representations such as avatars/skins, etc., within any given title's world.

The future

GameFi is the future of gaming. It is changing the way we play games, and it is dominating the gaming industry. Whether you're a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge or just want to try out a game before buying it, it is the perfect platform for you.

How does NFT relate to it

One of the first Non-fungible token games like Etheria has shown the first use of these crypto assets, however, the combination of gamification and decentralized finance take the use of these digital assets one step further by allowing you to play games with them like collecting, buying, and trading items. The more complex varieties allow for gameplay and depth not seen in other apps like this before, making it an even better experience!

How does it work?

It lets you take part in DeFi activities like yield farming, lending, borrowing, or token minting. Minting new coins is an important function of any crypto platform. This process creates more units for circulation which increase demand by enriching users with high return rates on their investments while also providing them additional benefits such as:

  1. Lower transaction fees than traditional financial institutions offer for similar services.

  2. You can also have a say in the project’s development by contributing to creating our virtual world or buying enough tokens that will earn you governance rights. 

  3. Lastly, you can have a passive income by staking cryptocurrencies.

GameFi investment projects globally

According to Drake Star Partners, the cryptocurrency exchange FTX has completed an investment round in the blockchain industry and raised 400 million dollars. They, along with their new fund of 2 billion FTX tokens ($200M) aim to invest heavily into startups, those who develop video games or other interactive entertainment content using cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality (VR).

With the constant changes in both international and domestic policies, it is difficult to predict what trends will dominate the development of the current projects. However, several factors should be considered before embarking on your next play and earn profitable strategy such as how countries around the world currently view online gaming activities or if they'll continue making them legal depending upon local laws regulating gambling resorts, etc.

Here’s an article that talks about the current GameFi trends you should know about this 2022.

Bottom line

The said industry is changing, and it has been at the forefront of these changes. With this year's investments in money spent on gaming devices as well as users who access them through their services, each day-game profits should grow even more than before! Blockchain technology will help improve cryptocurrency games features that are available now so these games can take advantage too.

Play It Forward DAO is a large crypto guild that continuously hires more gaming scholars to have the opportunity to earn while playing games without requiring one to invest any amount of money from its pocket.


What is Crypto Gaming?

Crypto gaming is different from traditional games, this kind of gaming uses cryptocurrencies and offers an alternative by using blockchain technology. What makes it more interesting is that players can earn profitable rewards and items across multiple platforms with just one game account.

The future of Crypto Gaming

It is the future of gaming. Instead of using physical coins or fiat currency, Crypto gamers use cryptocurrencies to play their favorite games like Minecraft on PC/Mac where you can mine bitcoin and sell it for real money in-game stores such as Microsoft's Xbox Live marketplace; Overclockers UK which offers both Bitcoin Julian Dollar (BTCJ) tips via twitter followers who also get access to deals from brands advertising exclusively through this social media site- all without revealing personal information!

The popularity of Crypto Games

Crypto-based games are now more popular than ever with the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The number of these types of games has increased exponentially in recent years, with each offering its own unique experience and gameplay that may not be found anywhere else on the market!

There are hundreds if not thousands of different games that can be played for crypto-money or virtual currency, all across various platforms like BitcoinTalk (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). These services offer real cash prizes as well!

Crypto games are the future of online gaming

If you’re new to crypto, don't worry. We'll walk you through how it works and what needs to be done on your end for you to be successful with your gaming and collecting:

  1. The very first thing that must happen before anything else is creating an account usually by providing a name, email address, and password combo. 

  2. Once created, the fund said wallet using either regular cryptocurrency pockets funds or buy digital tokens directly off the game platform if available where applicable.

  3. Once you fund your account, the games are endless! Here in Railings University guild, there's a game for every taste and preference. 

What are the cryptocurrency games to choose from?

From Axie Infinity which allows players to train their army of cute little cubs into the occupied territory, Pegaxy where you can race futuristic cyborg horses (pegasus), Thetan Arena offers action-packed battles between gods from different religions who battle it out using strategy decks full of cards.

There are a lot more famous and new games that you could select from like Nitro League, Summoners Arena, Blockchain Monster Hunt, CyBall, HappyLand, Tank Wars Zone, Mirror World, MetaGods, Eizper Chain, Duckie Land, and many more.

The world of crypto gaming is an exciting and ever-changing one. With so many new coins being born every day, there’s always the chance that your coin could be worth more than some established favorites!

Earn more while playing crypto games as one of our gaming scholars

With our introduction to this fascinating industry behind us, we hope you're ready for all things crypto in your future, whether as part owner or just an avid fan who wants nothing but success on their side when investing hard-earned cash.

Or if you don’t have the money to invest at the moment. A popular crypto guild like Railings University managed by Play It Forward DAO can help you start your crypto gaming scholar journey without the requirement of investing any amount from your pocket. Join us now and earn more!

Are you not convinced yet if it's worth trying? This article helps you understand everything you need to know about Crypto Gaming.


What is Play-to-Earn?

Play-to-earn, also known as (P2E) is the latest trend in the game industry. These games are created on the blockchain and it allows physical ownership of in-game assets or also known as NFTs that create rewards in both the virtual world and the real world.

How does it work?

The concept of play-to-earn games has allowed for a new way to make money through video game participation. Play teams are businesses that offer their players the opportunity and chance at real-world rewards, such as cryptocurrency or fiat currencies like USD via PayPal. 

These games are all about the opportunity to gain possession of valuable assets. These can be anything from skins or trading cards, up through cryptocurrency in some cases! And with each game session, you have a chance at accumulating more desirable items that will increase their value over time too-it's never too late for your luck to turn around again if things were going bad earlier on.

P2E games vs Traditional video games

In the world of traditional video games, there is a distinction between assets that belong to one specific game and those which can be used in any other. In contrast with these traditional types are P2E or proof of entity assets, they have real-world value because you can transfer them over when selling your creations off through digital currencies or dollars for hard cash!

They don't give you an advantage over someone who doesn’t have them unless maybe your character needs cash. The most well-known example would be Axie Infinity which stores two different types: SLP (from its cryptocurrency) & AXS; one on the Ethereum blockchain while the other remains stored there so their values fluctuate as those around do.

How can you earn with P2E games?

Gamers who participate in play-to-earn games are rewarded with small amounts of cryptocurrency. They earn it by completing tasks, winning battles, or engaging in other activities that the game provides them an opportunity for rewards such as items and coins which can then be traded on various exchange platforms.

The two primary ways developers approach this situation entail creating either "inverse" type mechanisms where players have incentives not only to win but also to avoid losing, providing constant challenges. Hence, there's always something new available at any point during gameplay.

Is it in demand?

The cryptocurrency world is booming with new and exciting projects. Developers can take advantage of this by creating games that rely on cryptocurrencies as well, such as Bitcoin Townsend or Ethereum Pop.

Even though these games immediately reward players with some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, it can take a long time to acquire a considerable sum of money. To put it another way, the monetization process is typically lengthy, and the rewards are few.

Our partnership with Popular P2E games 

We are in collaboration with a lot of new and trending Play to earn games so you can choose which game is the right fit for you

You might not be fully convinced about how we explained things here. Would you like to know more about this topic? If so, we wrote such an informative article that will completely enlighten you about it as it consists of everything about how play to earn works and how to earn money by playing P2E games


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a new type of database that stores information in electronic form. The nodes connected to the network maintain an updated copy and share it with each other, ensuring trust through transparency instead of relying on third parties like banks or lawyers who might not always have your best interests at heart (especially if they're also trying their luck betting against whichever side you choose).

How does it work?

The way that data is stored on a blockchain has many unique features, including its Block size which stores information in groups known as Blocks. Each block holds sets of valuable or important pieces to the puzzle; when they're filled up then closing them off and linking back with previous blocks create an unbreakable chain where every new piece added forms part two eventually tripled itself making it more secure than before!

It has a database that structures its data into blocks, unlike traditional databases which use tables. The blockchain's unique way of storing information makes it impossible to change any one piece without affecting other pieces because they're all linked together by their time stamps - this means anything changed will show up as newly added after the original event occurred!

Blockchains are a revolutionary new technology that creates an unaltered record of transactions. This allows people to have peace of mind when dealing with their money because it can't be altered or deleted in any way, which makes it great for recording events such as votes cast during elections!

Would you prefer to know more about this topic? We wrote an article about it for you, check out: An in-depth guide to Blockchain and its uses.

Is the database safe?

The blockchain database is a secure and transparent way to monitor transactions. It allows data stored in it to be spread out among several network nodes at various locations, which creates redundancy as well as maintains integrity, if somebody tries altering one record at any instance of this type or otherwise trying bad actor who wishes fraudulently change information recorded thereon. 

All other instances would cross-reference each other thanks because they're aware of what exactly happened with their respective copies throughout the time (past). This system helps establish accurate order of events happenings along these lines: no single node within the entire network can alter info held inside them.

The History

The first use of a blockchain was as an idea in 1991, and it has since grown into one of the most popular uses for this technology. It is used to create cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin which were created after its inception with no central authority or bank controlling transactions instead, they operate automatically based on certain rules set out by individuals using them! This makes it more secure than traditional money because there isn't any person making decisions about how much value should go where and when.

Imagine a company that owns 10,000 computers used to maintain its database of account information. The business relies on these machines for all customer records and is susceptible should something happen such as fire or internet connection issues at any one location which could lead them to lose everything bout customers including financial data theft by hackers who have access through unpatched software vulnerabilities in the system's architecture itself.


What is NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that represents art, music, video, land, in-game assets, and more. They are bought, sold, and traded online. Once you buy one, you get to own the original item since it has a built-in authentication that serves as proof of ownership.

Since an NFT has a digital signature or built-in authentication, it can’t be exchanged for or equal to another one. A creator can also store exclusive information on the digital asset’s metadata. For example, artists can include their autographs on the artwork by adding their signatures to the file.

Each NFT can only have one owner at a time, which can be verified and transferred through blockchain technology. Most of these digital assets are on the Ethereum blockchain but other chains support them too. 

NFTs in crypto gaming

The role of NFTs in crypto gaming plays a huge part in the success of crypto games. There are many crypto games that use them within the gameplay. In-game items such as weapons, characters, accessories, power-ups, and more are now being created as NFTs. 

Gaming NFTs allow players to own them, meaning they can resell or do whatever they want to the assets even if the game is no longer available. Here are some instances of how they are used in popular P2E games:

Act as characters

To play most P2E games, you have to purchase the characters, which are in the form of NFTs. Since you own the characters, you can export them to other games in the ecosystem as well as sell or trade them in the marketplace.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are bits of code on the blockchain that automates processes during a transaction. 

For instance, artists can be given the right to royalties every time their work is sold with the help of smart contracts. This means that those who created the asset can continue to earn money even if they are resold. 

Moreover, games like Apeiron will have an NFT token and smart contract that is designed to promote the community and social gaming. 


By buying NFT skins, clothing, or other accessories, you can customize your in-game character to make them more valuable. There are crypto games that offer limited or rare items you can use to customize your character.

Access to multiple blockchains 

NFTs provide gamers access to multiple blockchains when they play games that operate on different chains. For instance, the P2E game Blockchain Monster Hunt lets players catch and battle monsters on different blockchains in exchange for rewards.

Trainable and upgradeable

You can upgrade and train your NFT hero or character so you can add value and sell them at a higher price. This allows less experienced gamers to earn their way up the gaming ladder. Moreover, this means that rich players can’t just buy their way to the top.


NFTs allow players and collectors to collect cards that have been traded and purchased. Owning these digital assets may give a playable and collectible element to gamers. There are card games like Splinterlands, Cyball, and Axie Infinity that allow players to collect and trade NFTs.


What is a DAO?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) act as the web3 version of an organization or company. They are often created to manage funds for a specific purpose without the need for a central authority, making them popular in the crypto space.

they are owned and managed by their members through smart contracts. They are usually governed by voting mechanisms that allow token holders to have a say in how the organization is run. 

These organizations typically have treasuries that can only be accessed with the agreement of the organization's members. Decisions are made based on community suggestions and votes. Because of this, a proposal will only be passed after receiving approval from the vast majority of these holders.

When compared to traditional organizational structures, Decentralized autonomous organizations have five main differentiators :

  1. Tokenized ownership

  2. Automated

  3. Easy capital formation

  4. Transparent

  5. Decentralized

Tokenized ownership

Similar to earning equity from traditional company stocks, you can take equity from these organizations by investing in their governance tokens. For instance, you can participate in Play It Forward DAO's economy by investing in the $PIF token. The token may provide benefits and rewards such as staking and voting rights as well as airdrops and enhanced returns. 


Smart contracts enable DAOs to automate business processes to eliminate administrative expenses, operate faster, limit human errors, and make business operations more open and fair. 

Once agreed upon by the members, the decisions are encoded on the blockchain and administered automatically.

Easy capital formation

Capitals can be quickly raised since it eliminates some of the problems new entrepreneurs may encounter regarding location, government regulations, and more. One example is how Play It Forward DAO managed to be backed by notable investors and completed a US$6 million private round.


Operating transparently means all financial transactions are recorded publicly on the blockchain in real-time. Anybody can examine the code of Decentralized autonomous organizations, and the treasuries are open to being inspected by anyone. 

In addition, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders can monitor how assets are distributed and form their own opinions regarding whether or not the funds are being spent reasonably.


DAOs allow you to contribute and participate remotely regardless of location, identity group, or background. This vital aspect is also why it is positively impacting the future of the P2E gaming industry.

However, it is vital to note that the decentralization of these organizations can take many forms. Some may be architecturally decentralized, financially decentralized, geographically decentralized, etc. The level of decentralization can also change over time. 

DAOs in the crypto game industry

Crypto gaming guilds, like Railings University, can use DAOs to fundraise or manage their finances in a decentralized manner. Token holders can vote on decisions affecting the gamers guild, such as which games to support or how to allocate funds. 

It offers improved security and transparency compared to centralized alternatives. It can also be more efficient due to automated operations. Overall, they provide a unique way to fundraise and manage funds in the crypto space.


What is a P2E scholar and how can I apply as one?

It is common knowledge that the most popular and profitable P2E games require players to buy in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Through scholarships, crypto gaming guilds provide gamers the opportunity to play their desired crypto game without buying the necessary assets.

P2E scholars are those who got approved for scholarships so they can play and earn from p2e games without giving any capital. They are often gamers who either do not have the means to buy the required digital assets or are not willing to risk their money for such.

The idea for gaming scholarships originated in the Philippines during Axie Infinity’s boom. For most gamers, the cryptographic assets required to play Axie Infinity are scarce and expensive. As a solution, thes kind of guilds were built to lend assets to interested gamers in exchange for a percentage of the earnings. This is just one of the many benefits that crypto guilds offer.

How do crypto gaming scholarships work?

The process of these scholarships typically starts by joining the Discord server of a gaming guild. Once you get accepted as a scholar, you will be given the required crypto assets and gaming account for the game of your choice. 

You will play and earn the assets through your game scholarship. Once you have accumulated in-game assets, these will be converted to fiat currency. The guild will take a percentage of your earnings. Think of it as a rental fee since you are able to play and earn using the guild’s digital assets. 

There are many P2E games you can find in most crypto guilds aside from the ever-popular Axie Infinity. Some of them are:

  • Mecha Morphing: a cyberpunk decentralized ARPG where you earn tokens by battling, forging weapons and armor, looting lands, trading items, mining resources, and completing tasks.

  • MetaGear: a simulation combat game where you assemble robots and use them to fight against other players in exchange for crypto rewards. 

  • Blockchain Monster Hunt: A game inspired by Pokemon Go and other monster-battling games where you catch monsters and battle them to earn assets.

  • Pegaxy: A horse racing game where you train and breed in-game assets to increase your chances of winning in races.

  • Cyball: A football-themed (soccer for the USA) non-fungible token game where your goal is to score as many points as possible to win the match.

How to become a P2E scholar

There are various crypto guilds you can join. However, it is vital that you apply for a one where you can grow financially and professionally. Crypto gaming guilds like Railings University (RU) allow its players not just to play and earn, but to also grow their crypto gaming careers.

Through optimum game performance and consistent guild activities, Railings University gamers can be promoted as streamers, admins, game researchers, and more. This only proves that RU is more than just a crypto gaming guild. Follow the steps below to become an RU scholar:

  1. Join the Railings University Discord server.

  2. Go to candidate-role-picker and select the game/s you want to apply for.

  3. If you're selected, one of the admins will conduct an interview via private thread. The interview will be via chat. 

  4. Once accepted as a scholar, you will be given the initial assets to play the blockchain-based game/s you have chosen.

You can apply for as many games as you want because Railings University offers unlimited scholarships. Don’t forget to regularly check your Discord account and turn the notification on so you are always updated with the current status of your application.

Do not hesitate to ask questions on the Discord channel. There will be admins and moderators who can help you 24/7. Railings University has members across Southeast Asia, so we appreciate it if you try to type your queries in English.


Where and how can I stake my $PIF tokens?

You can stake as many $PIF tokens as you want here. Staking them will allow you to get rewards, access to premium guild management tools, and more. Longer-term staking means greater rewards!

If you are reading this specific FAQ, you are probably new to staking and may still not be familiar with how to stake $PIF. Staking these assets can be done via a single-sided staking pool or double-sided liquidity pool. The former pool will be allocated 20% of the staking reward supply while the latter will receive the remaining 80%.

When you stake, you will have the choice of locking your $PIFs up from 0 months to 24 months. Again, the longer you stake, the higher percentage of rewards you can get.

Here’s a quick rundown on how you can stake your $PIF and receive rewards. For a more detailed visual explanation of the process, make sure to read this comprehensive guide on how to stake $PIF tokens:

1. Connect your wallet to Play It Forward DAO’s staking portal

Log into our the staking portal and make sure that you have your crypto wallet connected. You can do this by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’ at the top right of the browser window. After doing that, you will be given a list of compatible wallet options to get started.

2. Get an overview of the staking dashboard

Once you have linked your wallet to the portal, you will be given an overview of $PIF’s staking dashboard. From there, you will be able to see the crypto asset’s current total staked, how much you have staked, the number of your unclaimed rewards, and more.

3. Decide which staking pool you will choose

Find the large “Stake” button on the staking dashboard to begin staking your $PIF. Click it to see the staking pools currently available. You can learn more about each staking pool by clicking on the “Details” button. Once you have decided which one to choose, click the staking pool and then the “Stake” button.

4. Get approved for staking

Once you have chosen your staking pool and clicked the “Stake” button, you can now indicate how much and how long you would like to stake. Then, your crypto wallet will let you confirm the transaction. After the transaction has been approved, you just have to wait for the Ethereum blockchain to process it.

5. Finalize the staking process

After your transaction has been approved, you will see its summary. Review the summary and click “Stake” to finalize the staking process. Make sure that you read the transaction carefully and take note of the gas fees before confirming. After finalizing your stake, you should see a notification stating that it has been completed successfully.

At this point, your staked $PIF will begin to accumulate rewards. You will see the total staked amount and rewards you have earned on the staking dashboard.

6. Claim your $PIF rewards

Claiming rewards is as simple as earning them. Visit the staking portal dashboard and click on ‘Claim’ under the “Unclaimed Rewards” section. You will be redirected to your Rewards dashboard where you can claim on the staking pool of your choice. 

Then, your crypto wallet will require you to confirm the transaction. Make sure to review the total amount and gas fees before confirming the transaction. Once confirmed, you should see a ‘Transaction Successful!’ notification.


What is the Metaverse?

"Metaverse" is a term coined by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. It refers to a virtual reality world that exists parallel to our own, where people can interact with each other and with digital objects and information.

The concept of this virtual reality has become increasingly popular as our lives move online and more people are becoming interested in popular GameFi projects this year. It provides a way for us to connect with others and access information in a virtual space. Moreover, it also offers businesses a way to reach new customers and markets.

Although it is still in its early stages of development, the this virtual reality holds great promise for the future. It even became the backbone of many successful and active crypto games. This is why it is often referred to as the "internet of the future.” Some of its key features include:

  • Virtual reality: It is a virtual reality world that exists parallel to our own. We can interact with each other and with digital objects and information in this VR space.

  • Interactive: To interact with others, you will need an avatar – a digital representation of yourself. Avatars can be customized to look however you want and can be used to express your identity in the virtual world.

  • Open: It is open, meaning anyone can build on it or create their own virtual reality. This makes it an ideal platform for businesses to reach new markets and customers.

  • Decentralized: There is no one central authority that controls it. Instead, it is powered by blockchain technology, which enables us to interact directly with each other without the need for a third party.

  • Programmable: It is programmable. Thus, developers can create applications and experiences that run on top of it. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

So far, the metaverse has been mostly used for cryptocurrency gaming, which is now gaining attraction as the possible future of the online gaming industry. However, its potential goes far beyond since it has the potential to revolutionize the way we live, work, and play. 

Some of the new and upcoming crypto projects that delve into this concept are popular play and earn games such as:

  • Ethlas: A free-to-play cryptocurrency game that acts as a one-stop casual games platform where you can play and earn crypto rewards.

  • Duckie Land: An online P2E-based featuring a multiplatform and multiplayer game where you can connect, interact, and battle with one another in exchange for crypto rewards.

  • Cradles: Has open-world gameplay where you can build, explore, and interact within a prehistoric world. You will be provided with tasks and missions to accomplish for incentives. 

  • Nitro League: A play-to-earn mobile racing game that also allows you to create your own tracks, upgrade your vehicles, as well as organize events, tournaments, and much more.

  • Mirror World:  A NFT-based where you can explore and interact with different games and virtual worlds.

  • Eizpherchain:An ARPG where you can traverse an open world, fight for glory and prizes, and engage in quests in exchange for crypto rewards.

The virtual reality could become the backbone of a new global economy and help us connect with each other in ways we never thought possible. With proper infrastructure in place, it could one day become a global platform for commerce, communication, and collaboration. If you're interested in learning more about metaverse and GameFi, check out our article: "GameFi: What are its features and how does it work?"

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